Unfinished Kitchen Island with Optional Finishing Kit
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Why Choosing Unfinished Kitchen Island with Optional Finishing Kit

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While rustic style seems to be the hot item today, unfinished kitchen island popularity rises significantly.

However, many interior designers often recommend house owner to take one with optional finishing kit.

There are good reasons why you should consider this option though. Check out the following points.


1. Flexibility

If you get optional finishing kit like alternatives for finish color, it offers you flexibility in the future.

First, you can change the warmth natural shade of the kitchen island to match it with other kitchen amenities.

Second, it is totally possible for you to refinish the kitchen island to other vibrant colors if you want to.

It allows you to remake the look of your kitchen without the need to buy a new island just because you need other specific color so badly.

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2. Kitchen Island with Longer Lifespan

The idea of unfinished is arguable today. People like the look but they hate how it is harsh and it causes scratch on the skin. It will be best to finish this kitchen island anyway, but in the most neutral way you can find.

The optional finishing kit can be transparent layer for the kitchen island, in which the real texture and patterns of the island is still exposed.

Meanwhile, the entire surface is made safe for human skin especially children.

You should also consider adding layer to protect the wood from any exterior factors that can damage it. It gives the kitchen island longer life span instantly.

Simple unfinished kitchen island with seating
Image: fortikur.com

3. Room for Creativity

Here is the best reason many talented hands like to get. Optional finishing kit means there is still room for your own customized final look for the kitchen island.

It allows you to make the kitchen island as unique as possible, finishing in vibrant color, adding stones or other ornaments, improvising with small details to enrich the look, etc.

Without you knowing it, many interior designers use this kind of kitchen island for their client in order to get customized look for the kitchen amenities.

Why don’t you use it too? You can do it yourself and it becomes a result of your creativity.

Unfinished kitchen island with storage unit underneath
Image: customdecor.pro

4. Cheaper Deal

The best thing of buying this kind of kitchen island lies on the price. It is rustic and it can use a finishing touch but it is available in most budget friendly price.

You can leave it that way for real rustic look but you don’t need to pay for rustic item price.

On the other side, they cut the price as they don’t provide the finishing process. You can do it yourself and save some more pennies for other things too.

It is a great solution for those who need affordable rustic furniture and those who are willing to finish it themselves.

As you can see, there are more than enough reasons why this kitchen island is a great deal.

Wooden unfinished kitchen island base with optional top finishing kit
Image: Fortikur.com

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