How to Reuse Kitchen Waste

List of Most Creative Way How to Reuse Kitchen Waste

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Recycling is one of the best way to save the planet from pollution, at least the housing ones.

Some people give “kitchen hack” label for these tricks, even though it cannot represent the proper process of recycling.

In addition, the waste you think has no use might still have several advantages.

1. Cord Organizer

As the monthly supply, paper towel is the one of the must have item. Then in a month, you could have the several empty rolls.

Before throwing them away, you could take the ones with perfect shapes to keep the cables. Grabbing the rolls would be more efficient than pulling out the tangled cables.

2. Healthy Stock

Some recipes call a bunch of garlic and onions. Take the clove and make a delicious cuisine, but don’t throw away the skin. Just a quick fact: the skin of garlic and onions contains more nutrients than the cloves.

Boiling them in a pan of hot water for several minutes will give you healthy stock to cook the next day.

Kitchen waste recycling

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3. Broccoli Stalks Snack

When you cook broccoli and garlic, the family’s favorite part would be the green leaves part. Most of the time, the stalks are thrown away.

It is the biggest mistake you could ever made, because it is full of nutrients. Save the stalk to make a healthy snack or chopped it thinly and cook the pieces.

4. Low Budget Scrubber

When you buy a kilogram of fruits in the supermarket, the package often includes mesh bag. It is made from plastic, with a tiny price tag near the tie.

After you eat all the fruits, don’t throw away the mesh. Transform it to scrubbers. Scrap the bottom of the pot with this low budget scrubber.

5. Acne Reducer

It is refreshing to have a big bite of watermelon in the burning summer day. Many of you would leave the white part on the table.

Then someone clears the table and the skin part ends up in the waste bin. Do you know that the white part is a great acne-fighting agent? The skin could even transform to delicious pickle.

6. Itch Reliever

Outdoor picnic exposes your skin to every kind of pests or insects flying around the area. Sooner or later, the bugs will land on your skin, causing disturbing itch.

Use banana peel to rub the itchy skin or area with rashes. Even when you have problems with pests, chopped banana peels could keep the bugs away from your plant.

7. Tea-mix

After enjoying peeled apple in the morning, what do you do with the skin? It shouldn’t throw away in the first place. Dry it under the blazing sun, and later on you could mix it in your tea. You will get a cup of apple tea.

Getting creative is not always about crafting. Recycling could be one must-try option for you. The materials are taken from your kitchen waste.

It might be surprising to learn that the waste you never care about could turn into a lot of beneficial things. You can have tea-mix, itching reliever, acne reducer, and even scrubbers!


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