How to Clean Dinnerware Quickly

How to Clean Dinnerware Quickly

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Those who live in the city leads a fast paced life. This habit then spreads to almost all activities, no exception for washing dishes.

You might say that placing the dirty plates inside the dishwasher would be a lot easier and efficient.

No doubt about that fact, though, just don’t forget that not all people can purchase this item.

In this case, several know-hows will be the real savior.

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1. Purchase Special Liquid Washing

Some commercial dish washing liquid are better than the others. Why? Because of its ingredients. If you want to do clean quickly, take an antibacterial liquid wash from the shelf.

Read the label and find the one with lactic acid, the trusted compound for antibacterial agent. It also helps to do speedy cleaning.

For some troubling grease case, purchase the liquid wash with lauramine oxide. This is one strong agent to combat the stubborn oil on the plate.

2. Throwing Away The Leftover

Don’t wait for hours before you start the cleaning process. Once the leftover food dries, you need extra effort to scrub the plate.

Right after the meal time ends, clean up the table and bring the dirty plates to the sink. Stand next to the waste bin, and clear the plate.

3. Dip Into Sanitizing Liquid

When the plate goes into dishwasher, there is one sanitizing step. By providing the liquid inside a jar, you could copy the sanitizing process.

Make the liquid first by mixing one gallon of water with one teaspoon or tablespoon of bleach agent. After washing the dish, you could utilize the solution to rinse the sponge and sink.

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4. Soaking Overnight

A wholehearted meal will leave astonishing amount of dirty cooking utensils. Although you might feel the urge to clean everything at once, several minutes of soaking will help a lot in rinsing.

The food particle would be loosened a lot and prevent hand fatigue caused by too much sponge scrubbing. If you accidentally burn the pot, sprinkle a spoon of salt and cold water overnight. Turn on the heat to eliminate the grease.

5. Picking The Sponge

To pair up with the liquid, you must have a perfect sponge to clean the plates and the other utensils. With a good amount of money, you could buy the super sponge covered with netting from plastic material.

It allows you to scrub eagerly without leaving any scratch. If you are on a tight budget, scrub sponges is a great alternative to save money.

6. Flowing Cold Water

You might heard that rinsing the dirty plates with hot water will clean the stain quickly. Even though this trick works for almost all cases, you don’t want to apply similar way for ice cream or butter serving.

Hot water triggers gumming up for cream and butter base. Thus, you have to rinse the plates with cold water.

Within meal period, people want to get everything in a flash; fast serving, flash eating and speedy cleaning. The last one is not impossible to do, as long as you know the trick.

Prepare the suitable cleaning liquid, dip and quickly wipe the plates in a sanitizing liquid. Rub roughly with a special sponge and rinse under flowing cold water. Tada! You have clean plates.

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