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How to Unclog Toilet Naturally

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One of the most annoying yet always urgent problems in the house is toilet clog.

We can always try to ignore it, but when we need it the most, we don’t have much choice.

Actually, there are several useful tricks that we can try and it doesn’t even use any chemical products. Check this out.

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Method 1: Use Your Wire Hanger

This is already a widespread trick, but you may not know it yet. Instead of using any product in your house, you should consider using your wire cloth hanger.

This method commonly works well on issue that happens in the first few inches of the toilet drain. In addition to it, this is a perfect method if you don’t want the obstruction back as well.

First, we need to fashion the wire hanger. Let it loose from the original shape, and straighten the wire. Cover the wire end that will go into the drain with duct tape. It helps in preventing the tip from damaging your toilet porcelain. Now, you are ready to unclog.

Let’s stick the taped end into the toilet drain. Once it is in, you will need to push, move, as well as maneuver it so it reaches the obstruction. Make sure to do it in circular way for effective result. Once you feel like you are touching the obstruction, keep pushing until the water starts to drain. If you don’t, you seem to need the next method.

Once the water starts to drain, flush your toilet. It should allow the water and obstruction to flow freely. Your problem will be solved by then. Make sure to wear safety gloves while doing this method because you may get splashed during the process.

How to use wire hanger for unclogging toilet

Method 2: The Plumbing Snake

If the first method doesn’t work, or if you can’t find the obstruction yet, this method should help you. This method is well known to be effective to obstruction located deeper. Unlike the previous trick, plumbing snake is actually a tool that really exists. It means you don’t have to create or make one.

You can go to the store and ask for plumbing snake. The most recommended one is the closet auger. This coil of wire is flexible. It can get deeper because it can go through the drain like a snake. It is specially designed so it doesn’t stain or damage the bowl. Professional plumbers will recommend this too.

The clear the obstruction, you need to do the same thing as you do in the first method. Just push one of the ends into the drain. You may need to make some effort to make sure the tool gets deeper. When you find the obstruction, you need to pull back and then push again with some power. The point is to break the obstruction into pieces so it can be flushed.

At this point, you will spend a few minutes to break the obstruction, depending on the material of the stuff. It will be a little trickier as well when it breaks to smaller pieces. As long as they are small enough, it is ready. Last, flush the drain and you are done.

Unclogging toilet with plumbing snake

Method 3: Plunging It

This is probably the simplest method you should try at the first place. When you try flushing the toilet once and it doesn’t work, you should stop doing it again. Doing it again only adds water that flows into the bowl. Just close the lid. Now let’s move our effort to the toilet tank.

Remove the toilet tank lid, and you will find the tank filled with water. This water is clean. You don’t need a pair of glove to protect your skin. We will need to find the flapper. The flapper is normally located on the bottom. It looks like a drain stopper in circular shape. It is normally attached to small chains. Push the flapper to close it. By then, no more water gets into the toilet bowl.

Next, take old newspaper or towels and place them around the toilet. We are going to reach through the obstruction and the water may splash. So, you may need to change your clothes too. Use a pair of elbow-length gloves to protect your skin. It can be a little smelly but it should be quick.

When you are ready, reach through the drain and feel the obstruction. Take out the thing and your toilet bowl should be drained automatically.

This method works on obstruction that doesn’t go too deep, and the stuff is easy to pinch and pull out.

Unclog a Toilet with Plunger

Method 4: Use the Wet/Dry Vacuum

If the other three methods don’t work for you, this is time to use the wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Remember not to use the ordinary one as it won’t work. You specifically need the wet/dry one. Let’s start when you are ready.

First, we need to dry the bowl. So, take the flexible hose and insert it into the toilet bowl. Then, vacuum the entire water and possible debris appear in the bowl. We need the bowl to dry to vacuum the obstruction.

When you are done draining the bowl, we will get deeper. Push the hose a few inches deeper to the drain, and then cover the drain door with towel to seal. Next, start vacuuming the water again. In this phase you may get the thing that causes the obstruction.  It is also important for you hold the towel with your hands to make sure the seal is tight.

It takes a few minutes and maybe a few try before you can finally suck the clog up.  However, it usually works well even with things that are hard to get with other method. Sure, you need this particular vacuum to make it work.

There are several more methods, but these ones are the most natural. You don’t need chemical or home products. You will need several tools but they won’t be hard to get. Always try the simpler method first before you try the next one. Good luck!


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