How to Cool Down a Room Quickly

How to Cool Down a Room Quickly

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Too much humidity and heat are the main reason why a room can be too hot, uncomfortable, and too stuffy.

Of course, air conditioning system is a quick way out.

However, turning it on the entire summer will be a waste of resource and expensive.

Here are several tricks to cool down a room in a flash.

Phase 1: Reducing the Source of Heat

The first thing we need to do is to remove the cause of the problem. We need to reduce the amoung of heat sources in the room. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • According to research, 30% indoor heat sources come from the window. The direct sunlight heat the room and we need to stop this. The solution is to close the curtain or blinds. Covering the windows will prevent the sunlight to get directly into the room.

If you don’t have any curtain or blind yet, invest on some. It is proven that windows covering help in reducing indoor temperature up to 20°.

It is important to keep closing the window covering when the sun is at its peak. If the heat remains persistent, you probably need to invest on thermal insulation curtain for best effect.

  • The next step is to turn off any electronic device that produces heat, for example televisions, computer, and even light bulbs. If it is impossible to turn off the lights, you should consider dimming the light so you can see well without allowing it to produce too much heat.

It is also recommended to use more environmentally friendly electronics like LED bulbs instead of the usual. We get enough options for this today.

  • Next, clean the house from clutters. Take a look around and see if you have too many clutters in the house. Clutters like dirty clothes can absorb the heat and keep it there in the room. In addition to it, it often restricts the airflow, which is a serious problem in cooling down a room. It explains why the house feels hot. Remove them from the room.


  • Last, open the windows if you feel like the indoor is hotter than the outdoor. Probably, the room absorbs too much heat from the day. Open the doors and windows and let the heat out of the room. Close the rooms you don’t use so the room you’re in cool down faster. When the temperature is fine, close back the windows and doors immediately.

Open windows to cool down room quickly

Phase 2: Start Circulating the Indoor Air

This phase will speed up the cooling process as well. There are several tricks you can try to make your room cooler faster.

  • The best way to circulate the indoor air is by using fan. Ceiling fan is often considered the best option. Ceiling fan pulls up the air. The hot air will rise and the room beneath it gets cool immediately after that. If your fan has several speed setting, make sure to use high level first to quickly cool down the room.

If you have other fans too like ones on your table, your bathroom exhaust fan, and other fans as well, turn it on. It is beneficial to set up several fans at once during the summer. In case the heat is too much, you can get enough help from them.

  • Create your own cooler by setting up a tray of ice in front of one of your desk fans. As it blows the air, the cool temperature will spread and cool down the room. Of course, the indoor air can be a little bit misty too. In case you are out of ice, you can improvise with frozen vegetable or products in your fridge.


  • You should also consider transferring the indoor air outside. To do this, you only need to place one of your desk fans right in front of a window facing outside. Then, turn it on. The fan will pull out the indoor air and transfer it outside. In return, it transfers the cooler outdoor air inside the room.

This trick is extremely effective when you find that the outdoor air is cooler than the indoor air, which happens all the time as the room is already exposed the sunlight.

Phase 3: Control the Heat

While cooling down the room temperature is possible to do in many ways, it is also important to control the room heat at all times. It prevents you from the need to cool down the room again and again. There are several tricks that you can learn to control indoor air temperature.

  • The best solution and the most practical way to keep controlling your room temperature is by installing Air Conditioning system. Of course, it takes more money and effort but it is totally worth it. Of course, there are cheaper alternatives too.

You can consider buying portable A/C for a change, in which you don’t have to install one in each room but removing the device to the room you want.

  • The other trick is to open the window during the night. At this time, the temperature drops in normal condition. When you open the window, you allow the outdoor air to get indoor and vice versa. Your room temperature will drop as well.


  • Get a dehumidifier. If the climate is humid in your area, it is best for you to have one. It prevents the room from getting too much humidity. It keeps the temperature cool and fresh instead of stuffy.


  • The last, get proper window covering. As it helps in preventing direct sunlight from getting indoor, it helps in managing the indoor temperature. Consider investing on good curtains and blinds to use during the day.

In short, there are many ways you can do to cool down a room quickly. You can try the simple tricks first and continue to a more advanced way if you need to. It is wise to be prepared during summer though, as the heat can be unbearable.


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