Porch Glider Plans

4 Porch Glider Plans

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Some people need a relaxation spot in their house, and they choose porch glider. Glider is different with swing; it is a bench that is mostly found in garden, yard, or park.

More than just a bench, it is suspended from the base by a pair of arm-like brackets. There are many plans that you can choose for your porch glider.

Here is a list of porch glider designs plans that may be suitable for yours.

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1. Freestanding Arbor Swing

Freestanding Arbor Swing

Freestanding arbor swing can be considered for the porch that does not have the structure for a porch swing. You can place the freestanding arbor swing in your yard.

However, you should consider the shade, sun, placement and space that you will be set for swinging. To have the freestanding arbor swings, you need hoe, ladder, power auger, 4×4 posts, carriage bolts, and nuts.

Here are the steps for making freestanding arbor swing.

  1. Dig deep holes for each post. Make sure that each post can be put well in each hole.
  2. Fill the surrounding of the hole with concrete until its level is the same with the ground.
  3. After the concrete is dry, measure each post then make sure that the posts levels are similar with each other. Then, cut the posts based on the mark.
  4. Set the crossbeams by leveling it to the top of the posts. You have to make sure that the levels of the beams are similar and lined up. Repeat this step for the other crossbeams. Then, place the trim vertical to the beams.
  5. Add swing supports and hardware.
  6. Measure and cut the lumber for the swing seat.

2. Hanging Porch Swing

Hanging porch swing bed

Hanging porch swing is very familiar glider that most people use. It has the classic taste which is suitable for up to two people.

It practically hangs on the ceiling or its frame. Today, this design is wildly adapted to a more revolutionized design with certain level of sophistication.

You can actually get the same kind of glider on many styles from classic to extra modern. Added with cushioned seat, it is a perfect piece for relaxation.

3. Fancy Swing Structure with Trellis for Flowers

Porch or outdoor garden Fancy swing with with Trellis for Flowers

This kind of glider has the magical feeling that makes you feel like it is the best place to spend your time with. It gives you a real touch of the outdoor while remains aesthetic.

It will take a long time to make it by yourself because you need a lot of things to be done with.

For instance, you need the pattern and you have to deal with paintbrush which is hard to deal with. It is better to order or buy one.

4. The Four-Seater Canopied Glider

Outdoor glider with canopy for 4

This plan may have high cost because you need to pay at least more than $1,000 to have this kind of porch glider.

However, it may worth the price because it can accommodate more than one people with even all the members of a small family in it.

All those four glider plans may be your options in choosing the glider for your porch. Make sure that you have the space and make sure that you choose based on your needs and preference.


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