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Maintaining Porch Glider Swings

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Porch glider is one of the outdoor furniture that can be used to relaxing. You can either build it by yourself or afford porch glider in the furniture shop.

However, if you ever happen to do some maintenance to your old porch glider, then you have to look for the instructions to do proper maintenance.

Therefore, here is an easy way to do that. Just keep reading!

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Restoring Old Porch Glider

If you have an old porch glider and it needs to be inspected and re-finished, here are things you should do.

1. Identify the Kind of Glider

The first step you should do is to identify the kind of glider you have. Most of porch gliders are made of some weather-resistant wood, such as mahogany or cedar.

However, some older wooden gliders were made of quality balsa wood. The reason why you have to identify the kind of glider you have is to make sure you do proper maintenance to it.

2. Re-finish the Old Glider

If you have identified the glider, such as it is made of quality balsa wood, then your glider is still durable enough to be refinished.

Refinishing the glider can be done by stripping or sanding to remove old stain and paint. After that, you just need to refinish the weather-resistant stain, colored varnish, or paint of your preference.

3. Advanced Repair to Be Used Safely

If your glider needs to be repaired because there are several damages on it, then you can easily rebuild the main elements to repair the glider.

Cut new slats for arms and back, the seat, replace damaged or cracked legs, and make sure to strengthen the gliding joints. However, you may want to consider to match the wood type as well.

Front porch glider swing decoration with table and flower pots

Additional Tips: Replacing Porch Glider Hardware

There are some additional tips regarding to replacing porch glider hardware. Here are things you should know.

1. Removing the Old Hardware

First, turn the glider upside down. Then, in order to remove the old hardware, you need to use a ratchet to remove all of the nuts that connect the chair to the base. Remove the long bolts followed by the arms. Finally, lift the glider’s base from the chair.

2. Replace the Hardware

Make sure that the screws and bolts fit correctly to the gliding mechanism. Attach the hardware and the new arms in the same way to the original place. You will need a second person to help you when installing the new hardware.

3. Finish the New Glider

With your screwdriver, screw the bearings into place. Make sure to check the tightness of the screws. Also, tighten the nuts and finally you can turn the chair back over.

Maintaining your porch glider is quite easy task to do. You don’t have to own specific skill to do that because most of porch gliders were made of quality wood materials.

Moreover, these instructions on how to maintain your porch gliders will make your day easier and you can relax on your beloved glider in no time.

Wooden porch glider swings suitable for outdoor or garden

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