How to Decorate Bedroom Dresser Top

How to Decorate Bedroom Dresser Top that Amusing!

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Besides decorating and designing interior in your house, you, as the homeowner will also want to know the best ways about how to decorate the bedroom dresser top.

The reason, because the bedroom dresser top is popular as an area where the women put so much time during their me-time.

Furthermore, the women also will have many accessories, jewelry, and other stuffs that make their dresser top becomes so crowded and sometimes looks so messy.

However, not a few people are able to decorate their bedroom dresser top into the one that looks unique, clean, and even beautiful. The reason because it will take some money or even times to handle it.

Yet, do not be worry ladies! Because in this article we are going to help you, especially by mentioning some tips that are able to make your bedroom dresser top looks beautiful and wonderful than before.

So, for you all who want to know and even need some tips to make your dresser top amusing just check these following sections! Here they are!


First of All, Let us Clean it!

As we know, the beginning process that best for us to do is to clean the dresser top first. You can start by choosing the stuffs that you think is useful and not.

Collect all of the  stuffs that no longer used in the trash, so it will keep the outlook of your bedroom dresser top looks clean.

Furthermore, you can wipe your furniture with polish. This activity will help you in removing the dust that adhered in your dresser top.

In addition, you also can separate some stuffs into the places that you think is best and easy to search. This thing will help you in arranging the stuffs again later into the dresser top.

Decorating bedroom dresser tops

Set Your Stage into the Proper One

The second tips that best for you to do is to set and put the dresser top on the proper stage. In this step, we provide you two choices.

The first one that you can do simply is to find the best stage, such as in the center one. It is good because the dresser will gives you visual balance. It also will look more neat and beautiful, because it is positioned in the right place. Besides, it will give you the best appearance because it has great measurements; that is, not wider than the dresser itself.

The second option, you can divide the space in your bedroom for dresser into three sections. This option will help you in creating the best proportion, especially since it has three sections; such as left, right, and middle. You can try based on those options, but make sure that it fits in your bedroom and for yourself.

Decorate it Into a Lovely One

The great finishing that you can do is to decorate your dresser top. You can choose some stuffs; such as the anchor piece that you can put in the middle of the dresser.

Besides using anchor piece, you also can try other things; such as your artwork and mirror that are able to make the look of your dresser top beautiful.

In addition, you also can try to put your family photo inside your dresser top. If you want to give something that is able to enlighten the look, just try to use lamp that you can hang around the mirror. It will make your dresser top looks shining and brilliant, particularly since it is also able to help you in doing the make-up.

Moreover, to make your jewelry and other stuffs, you can try to use jewelry box. It will help you in organizing your stuffs neatly.

Briefly, creativity does work in decorating your dresser top into amusing one.

However, make sure that things that you do is still in the same theme, so it will not break the atmosphere or theme that you already made before.

Happy trying in doing How to decorate the bedroom dresser top!

Example great idea for marble top dresser bedroom set


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