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How to Fix And Prevent Wall Paint Peel Off

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Are you living in an area with high humidity? Then you have an intriguing problem of paint peeling.

Those who install water pipe inside the wall also expose the material to the risk of wrinkle paint, in case of water leakage.

Learn the way to prevent as well as fix the dull wall paint.

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How to Fix And Prevent Wall Paint Peel Off

1. Eliminate The Problem

It is important to find the source of the problem before deciding the right action to take. If you install the plumbing inside the wall, there is no other way than breaking down the wall.

Trace the leaking spot and check where the plumber should work at. If the pipe requires total reparation, don’t take the risk and plan the project as soon as possible.

The cost to break down and rebuild the wall would be too much if you have to do it repeatedly.

If you find the chapped paint happens only on several parts of the wall, it indicates different cause. The drying prime or paint is not applied evenly and not absorbed well by the materials.

In this case, you could treat only the affected area. There is no need to repaint the whole sides.

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2. Clean The Peeling

Depending on how severe the scrappy paint is, you could use different tools to clean it. Oil based paint would be peeled easily with a pair of gloves, leaving a clean material behind.

Don’t forget to protect your lungs from fine paint dust with a mask. Lay drop cloth near the wall, so the peeled pieces could be piled up.

If you apply water based color, things might go a little bit complicated. Still using the same protection gear, apply light to strong rub on the wrinkled paint. Make sure no paint or stain left on the material.

Wall paint peel off

3. Prepare The Wall

For a wall that often exposed to the moisture, you need to redo the process from the start. Apply generous amount of prime and let it sir for an hour at the minimum.

Learning from previous experience, you might want to try oil—based primer, equipped with stain-blocking property. Only then, you are allowed to stain the wall with colors.

If the peeled parts are not severe, you could apply patching compound. Spread thin and even layer to cover the area. Wait until the compound dry. If cracks are still seen, repeat the process.  You are aiming for smooth, crack-less surface.

4. Final Coat

Painting step will be much easier when you have to repaint all the job. However, patching several areas only requires particular skill. Take the leftover paint from the previous project.

If you don’t have any, it is enough to purchase the small can. Dip a sponge or bristle to the paint and dab lightly inside the area. Repeat the process until you get similar tone.

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Noticing the cracked wall paint gives off mixed feeling. Some might feel sad, while the others are ashamed. You can be sure that this condition is the result of imbalanced moisture.

The culprit might also be the inappropriate method of preparation. In either case, you have to block the moisture to slip inside the wall materials. Apply prime and proper coating before you paint.

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