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How to Maintain Front Porch Gate

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Do you want to know how to maintain the gate on your front porch? Every gate will need maintain at least once in 6 months to ensure that it is holding up just fine.

To help you to do this job, these are the tricks and simple ways to maintain your gate on your front porch:

1. Routine Checkup

It seems simple, but do you know that routine checkup can help you to prevent bad things happened to your gate? So what are the bad things anyway?

Well, if your gate is made of wood then the main problem can be termites. To prevent this you need to check your gate at least once a week to make sure that your gate is termite-free.

Even if there are termites, the population won’t be too many so it’s still easy to get rid of them. Also, wooden gate means that whenever there is rain then there will be a chance mold and mildew to grow on it.

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Sagging gate is also a problem that is usually happened if the gate doesn’t gate routine checkup. Sagging gate can be happened to any gate including wooden and metal gate.

Both can be fixed by tightening the hinges on each end of the gate. The hinges are made of steel; this is why some hinges may rust.

This can’t be prevented but to maintain your gate so it will still look new, you need to replace the hinges with the new ones. As for metal gate, it can rust.

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2. Refinish the Gate

Like what has mentioned before, if you have wooden gate then it may get mold and mildew. This condition is surely annoying because the look is terrible.

To prevent it, it’s better if you refinish the wood with wood stain or you can always coat it with waterproof spray. This way it is safe from the fungus.

But before doing it, you need to clean the gate first so there won’t be any debris or dirt on it. If you do the refinishing while the gate is dirty, then your paint job won’t be neat.

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To refinish your gate, you can repaint them. First of all you need to remove all of the old finishing though.

Also, when you are about use paint, make sure you are not using water-based paint or the timbers can be wrapped and twisted.

If this is happened then you have to rebuild your gate from the start and it is more annoying than having the mold and mildew, is that right? As for the metal gate, you can refinish it by giving it new paint. But first, scrub the rust off then clean the metal gate so there won’t be any dirt left.

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A gate is important not only it is about safety but it is also a great outdoor decoration. Having a gate on your porch is great, but having it not checked then that’s a disaster. If you want your gate to have great look all the time, then you should apply the things above to do the job.


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