Porch Gate for Dogs

How to Build Porch Gate for Dogs

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Making porch gate for dogs can help you to restrain your dogs’ movement. So whenever the front door is opened then the dog won’t go out that easily.

To build this gate may seem difficult at first but if you follow these steps below then you can build it in no time.

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1. What You Need

The first thing you need to have is the tool and the ingredients needed to make this gate. Unlike porch gate for human, you can make this one a little bit shorter than the regular one.

The tools that you need are hammer, drill, saw, hinges, nails, clamps and a rail. The door can be 2 sided but it can also be just 1, depends on your need.

If you want 2 sided gates then you must have 4 hinges. If you only want a gate then you just need 2 hinges.

Make sure that all of your tools work just fine. Also, you might want to add tools like liquid nail so you don’t have to use nails at some parts.

Front porch gates for dogs

As for the ingredients, you can use pallet wood if you have some. Using pallet wood is much easier than using a regular wood sheet. A regular wood sheet needs to be cut into some pieces but using pallet wood will surely save your time and money.

If you have the thought to use wood stain so you can refinish it later then so be it. But, doing a paintjob means that you need to have additional tool which is sand paper.

So what’s the use of sand paper and all of the things above anyway? Well, check out the information below.

2. How to Build

First of all, whatever kind of wood you are using; cut them into L shape with height taller than the dogs and width as wide as where you put it.

After that, combine these L words to make a frame of the gate by hammering the nails into each edge. When you are done with the frame, check whether it is strong or not.

If it does, start installing the hinges on the end of the frame (2 hinges are enough). Also, install the hinges on the platform you planned. Make sure the hinges are strong enough so it won’t break so easily.

Front porch dog gate

If you are using pallet wood, then you don’t need to do anything else. Simply take off the pallet wood from its frame and put them on the gate frame.

Make sure each gap has the same width or your dog cannot see outside. To glue the pallets and the frame you need liquid nail and clamps.

So why clamps? Because it helps the pallet and frame gets together. If you are not sure with the gaps, use a rail to determine the gaps. This way you can make perfect gaps for your gate.

Dog gate is pretty easy to be made and you can always use pallet wood to keep it cheap. As for refinishing it, you can use wood stain to make the color darker. But before refinishing, make sure there is no dirt and debris that can make the paintjob turn bad.


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