How to Prevent Dirt Dust into the Closet and Other Home Areas

How to Prevent Dirt Dust into the Closet and Other Home Areas

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Dust is an accumulation of tiny particles that is consisting of hair, pet dander, dirt, skin cell and more.

Tolerating to live around you is a bad decision and habit, then it will give negative effect for your health.

It is a good decision to control it in your house. Thus, we gives you tips How to prevent dirt dust into the closet and other home areas.

Closets are a heaven for dust. It is full of fiber clothes which is dust haven. If you think that you are able to relieve 100 percent dust in your clothes or other areas, you are wrong and you cannot do that. But, you still have chance to make your closet and other areas clean.

How to Prevent Dirt Dust into the Closet and Other Home Areas. Cleaning floor with vacuum

1. Change and Wash Your Bedding Every Week

Your pleasant bed, pillows, sheets, blankets and comforters are a major dust distributors. The dust can double like mouse if you do not try to keep under control it.

It happens because bedding gathers sheds, skin flakes and sends swirls of dust every time you roll over on your sleep.

The way to prevent it is to change and wash pillowcases, sheets routinely particularly if one of your family members have dry skin or pets.

You do not need to go to dry cleaners every week to wash items that are not machine washable. We suggest you to bring bedspreads and blankets outside your house and jiggle them.

But, we suggest you to wash it at least twice in a month. You can apply it on the pillows, but for the total cleaning, we suggest you to wash them.

2. Use the Appropriate Vacuum

Vacuum cleaner is the most helpful invention to clean the dust. Suction is not enough to clean much dust out of carpet.

For the thorough cleaning, we suggest you to use vacuum cleaner with a powerful agitator.

But, we suggest you to use canister vacuum cleaner without an agitator, when you have intention to clean something that the media is not carpet.

3. Clean the Agitator and Air Conditioner Filter

Vacuum cleaner use agitator to clean the dust meanwhile air conditioner has filter to separate the dust and the air.

The dust stay on the surface of agitator when you have just used and settle in air conditioner filter.

You can rid the dust on the surface of agitator before you use the vacuum and clean the air conditioner filter.

You can clean the air conditioner filter by brushing off. It is simple and easy to clean it. But, most people do not have awareness to clean it.

Cleaning air conditioner filter is important to maximize the air conditioner function and prevent the dust circulated in the room.

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We may feel annoyed when you see dirt dust in your home. Moreover, if you rarely clean the dust, it will effect on your healthy or you may be allergic with the dust.

We hope that the tips above about How to prevent dirt dust into the closet and other home areas help you to avoid allergic in dust.

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