Most Popular Home Insurance Companies

Most Popular Home Insurance Companies

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There are more than ten reasons to get an insurance for the house. First, the natural disaster. No one knows when and where the incident will happen.

In fact, it is almost impossible to predict, leaving the person with the  total damage when the disaster happens.

What is the best home insurance insurance?


1. Amica Home Insurance

Thanks to the friendly costumer service task, the brand has the privilege to sit on the top chart of the best home insurance in the world.

Aside from home insurance, Amica also offers insurance for house and life. It is Amica’s aim to keep costumers’ satisfactory. Therefore, all the staffs are working together to make sure that the costumers get the perfect product for their need.

Instead of offering the strict control to payment plan, Amica offers different options to the costumers. Upon opening the insurance account, the costumers could choose the payment plan offered. In addition, the company has discount for the members who have joined for certain period.

2. Allstate

Registering a house to an insurance company is not an easy process. There are documents to prepare and lots of forms to fill in. The costumers who opens their account for the first time might have difficulties through the early stage. Thankfully, Allstate insurance is ready to help. Try to visit the website and the costumers will get the video. It is also possible to get the PDF version.

Aside from its great help, the Allstate company also kindly offers several extensive program. It covers several items, such as expensive sport belonging, or musical instruments. Check the invoice to see whether these offers are still on. Allstate also has deadly weapon; a discount for the members, given even before they sign the agreement contract.

3. State Farm

Insurance has firm meaning and description. However, each people might need the insurance company to protect their valuable items in different way. Upon this request, State Farm is the best insurance company that could provide the answer. The concern might seem simple, but the details mentioned by the costumers are important.

Instead of talking to the costumer service by phone, the house owners could visit the website and enter the online quote form. There are specific questions about the construction, total furniture in the house, total rooms, etc. It is suggested to bring all the necessary documents. Furthermore, State Farm provides excellent tips for the house owners about the security and house shopping.

4. Nationwide

Try to count the number of disasters that happened in the neighborhood. In some cities, the worst threat is strong wind and rain. In the other cities, the disasters come and go as the season changes. Some examples are flood, earthquake, etc. While most insurance company covers only the damage caused by fire, Nationwide offers more extensive insurance such as flood and also house repair project.

After claiming the insurance, the costumers usually get the reimburse. The calculation for the value is taken from the deducted price after the item is broken or stolen. There is one special program in Nationwide, however, offering the members to buy brand new products from the initial brand. The costs for this purchase is paid in the beginning. So don’t be surprised to see high insurance billing.

5. MetLife

Imagine the worst scenario that might happen to the house after getting the insurance. It could be partial or total destruction. This is what the normal insurance will give to the members: 50% of the house value in the market. Is this the best offer? Not really. Metlife could give something better. It provides the full costs to rebuild the house. Furthermore, the term “rebuilt” also covers the furniture inside.

The weakness of MetLife is its poor online website. The costumers who want to register will always get trouble. Thus, it is recommended to call or visit the office building. Upon your arrival, the friendly staffs are going to guide you through all the processes. MetLife might not be as good as Amita, but the service given is top quality. Skip lots of documents and get the claim instantly.

6. Travelers

While some house owners are satisfied with concrete and blocks building, some others prefer to build Green house. It is basically a system to reduce the waste product. The organization that has the power to decide which house applies LEED (Leadership Energy and Environmental Design) is the LEED organisation. It is not only about the initial program, but also the continuity.

If the owners are upgrading their green house, they will get extra discount from Travelers. In addition, the policies applied by the travelers are strong enough. It means that all the lines will bring advantages to the costumers instead of the company. This statement was released by A.M.Best.

The turn down from Travelers is the slow handling for claiming process. A summary from Costumers Report concludes that most costumers were complaining about the service provided by claims representative. A further investigation also revealed that the staff had lack of ability to determine which claim should be granted and nullified.

7. Safeco

Have you ever heard of bundled insurance? See how an insurance company offer different kind of service; house, life and car? Bundled insurance is the hot package from Safeco. The members are required to take at least two insurances at the same time. Later when the house and car get serious damage at the same time, the member should only pay one single loss deduction cost.

For some products which cannot be repaired, Safeco guarantees that the members will get a valuable replacement. The items will have “Energy Star” label on the package. This service is included in the monthly payment, so the members don’t have to register to “home warranty” again.

The reason to put the house in an insurance is simple. It is to ensure that the house owners are going to get certain amount of money to repair the damage caused by the specific events mentioned in the contract. More or less, the system is similar to saving account. Interested yet?

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