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Porch Swing Bed Cushions

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The idea of using cushion on the porch swing is to add extra comfort.

Learning that people like to hang out longer in a porch swing, the addition of cushion will be delightful. Especially for elderly, this is a convenient touch.

So what kind of cushion we should add on the porch swing? What kind of filling will be best? Check out the following guide to make the right selection.

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Swing Bed Cushion Options

There are three choices of swing bed that you can choose including swing beds, porch beds and daybeds, and swing bed mattresses with covers.

1. Swing Beds

There are various sizes of swing beds such as twin, queen, full, and even king size. When you choose for a size, you will need to consider the available space and traffic area around the swing bed. Don’t forget that this bed needs a space to actually swing.

2. Outdoor Daybeds and Porch Furniture Beds

This is a popular idea to have right now. People like to catch some rays, and enjoy the outdoor air while stay shaded in this outdoor daybeds. It is a perfect seating option and it makes a great relaxing spot as well. For buying the outdoor daybed, you may choose the wood-based, cedar-based or pine-based.

Outdoor swing bed cushions

3. Swing Bed Mattresses with Covers

You can buy a swing bed that is already covered. It is more efficient because you do not have to buy the cover separately and change it occasionally. Furthermore, it is also resistant to mildew and designed to dry quickly.

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Swing Bed Cushion Filling Levels

Before choosing the bed cushions, you have to know the filling of the cushion. There are three common levels of cushion filling at the store including standard comfort cushion, deluxe comfort cushion, and optimal comfort cushion.

1. Standard Comfort Cushion

Standard comfort cushion is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. The standard comfort cushion for outdoor use is layered polyester. It is created to battle the mildew and not to retain the water.

However, that kind of filling is also proper for indoor use. For the indoor use, it is better to use foam filled because the water can be retained later on.

2. Deluxe Comfort Cushion

This type of cushion filling is, of course, more comfortable than the previous option. The layer for batting is found either on the top and bottom of the filling, which creates an elegant and plush look. The cushion is reversible because it includes both side batting.

Nevertheless, the effect of crowning can make it rise when the cushion is put on some furniture. This cushion filling is best used for outdoor porch because it can dry fast after raining.

3. Optimal Comfort Cushion

Optimal comfort cushion has four components that include foam core, memory foam micro gel, batting of layer in the bottom, top, and front the cushions, and all the enclosed are trusted as water-resistant.

The battling helps the cushion to be put nicely. Meanwhile, the crowing effect can create a rise in the cushions. Optimal comfort cushion is comfortable and water-resistant.

Having cushions on swing porch makes the swing even more comfortable. Depending on the frequency the swing is used and who use this swing, you should be able to select the appropriate option. Combine the type of the swing bed and the cushions properly for ultimate comfort and durability.

Outdoor swing bed mattress cover

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