Porch Swing Chain Covers Ideas

Porch Swing Chain Covers Ideas

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Chains are needed when it is related to porch swing. Chains are chosen because it is reliable and sturdy.

However, it makes the porch swing looks odd instead of beautiful. You can try these ideas as new cover for the chain so that it will look more appealing.

Check out the following ideas.

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Simple Ideas for Porch Swing Chain Covers

1. Make Your Own Fabric Covers

Making your own swing chain cover is a great idea. You can use Velcro strips and fabric. You can also use burlap because it offers rustic appearance for the swing.

First of all, you should measure the length of the chain then cut the fabric in accordance with the length of the chain. After that, cover the chain from the top to bottom.

Rustic Porch Swing Chain Covers Ideas

2. Buy Swing Chain Covers

If you think that making your own cover is inefficient, you can buy the swing chain covers. You may purchase for the chandelier covers or electrical cords covers. The electrical cords extend from the swing ceiling.

So, before purchasing it, check the width and length of the swing chain so that the cover will match perfectly. Make sure to choose durable material for longer use.

3. Cover the Chains with Rope

Instead of using fabric covers, you can use rope to cover the chains. You can tie a knot of the rope at the top and wrap down the chain with the rope.

At the bottom of the chain, you should tie another knot to prevent it of getting loose. In addition, to make it secure, you can use hot glue so it sticks.

4. Try Artificial Plants

This is not a new idea but it is rarely adopted now with many fabric covers are available at the store. You can belt down the entire chain with artificial plants that have flowers and a lot of leaves on it.

It just fits well for a porch, and it gives a fresh touch on your décor. If your theme is a natural and fresh space to relax, this is the best cover for the swing chain.

There are many options of quality for artificial plants today. You can actually have a set that looks and feels like real plants. Only, it doesn’t require special care and it doesn’t get old. It is perfect for a long use.

5. Fun with Ribbons Play

Let’s try to be festive. With porch is highly related to fun and relaxing times, ribbon will make a perfect addition to the swing. Just pick a combination of several colors matching your interior theme, and belt it down to the chain. A pale and boring swing can be fun and it also gives young touch on the atmosphere. For less girly look, choose bolder and darker colors.

6. Christmas Tree Garland

Yes, let use the garlands for a little fun touch on the swing. It doesn’t require complicated process to attach the garlands to the chain.

The combination of color and metal makes it more interesting to watch as well. Anytime you are bored with the color, you can use other garland with other color and pop up your décor in an instance.

So, there are actually many options you can try. You can choose the usual option or being fun with more playful choices. Which one is your favorite?

Porch swing chain covers

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