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Safety Tips for Using Toe Kick Saw

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Toe kick saws are actually not a required tool. This tool, however, is effective to help you cut flooring, plywood, and under cabinets.

Nevertheless, this tool should not be taken lightly. Failing to have a firm grasp or to understand its capabilities can result in a kick back.

That’s why, before working with this tool, read the following safety tips for using toe kick saw below:

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1. Check the Tool before Using

Precaution! You have to thoroughly check your toe kick saw before operating it. Make sure that the tool has undamaged carbide-tipped blade.

Also, ensure that the blade is sharp enough so you can do cutting more easily and have fewer kickbacks.

Besides, you also need to check the bolts, nuts, and screws of the tools. Make sure all of them are tight so nothing can endanger you.

2. Put on Your Safety Gear

Here comes another tip to protect your body while using the tool. Before working with it, put on safety glasses to keep your eyes from debris and dust.

Also, put on ear protection to protect your hearing as the sound of the tool can be too loud for your ears.

To protect your hands and to have a better grip, wear gloves. You will benefit a lot from gloves: helping your arms hold the powerful toe kick saw and preventing your hands from splinters.

3. Saw Away from Your Body

After checking every element of the saw is safe, now you need to know what to do when the saw is already on. Once you turn the saw on, you have to move it forward and away from your body. This will help you finish the cutting well.

When the blade is in motion, do not try to pull the saw backward and away from the work.

Instead, stop holding the power trigger and let the saw blade stop spinning. Once it stops completely, you are able to continue cutting another part.

4. Keep Your Both Hands on the Saw

Understand how to hold the toe kick saw correctly! Grip the saw firmly with both of your hands. Your right hand should be on the rear handle, while your left had should be placed on the forward one.

In addition to the position of your hands, you also need to make sure that your arms and body are strong enough to resist the kickback of the saw.

5. Never Modify Your Toe Kick Saw

No matter how advanced you think your knowledge about a toe kick saw, it is highly recommended not to do any modification on it.

Unauthorized modification can cause many bad effects such as shortening the life of the tool, impairing the safety and function.

Toe kick saw was designed specifically and thus there are only limited party are allowed to do any changing to the tool.

Having enough knowledge before using this tool is highly suggested, especially for you who haven’t even used this equipment before.

However, once you think you’ve mastered the knowledge, you better not doing any experiment to your tool such as modifying it.

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