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Best Toe Kick Ideas for Perfect Home

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For there are lots of cabinets in your bathroom and kitchen, you must have seen many toe kicks there.

If you haven’t known what toe kick is, it’s the recessed area at the bottom of base vanities’ or cabinets’. Toe kick is there to make you more comfortable when working on the counter top.

Then, what kind of toe kick is best? Find out below:


1. Pet Center

If you are a pet owner, making toe kick as your pet center will be a great idea. Make your toe kicks as a place to store your pet-related things such as water bowl and pet food.

This storage will be out of sight but close to the ground, making it an ideal place for your furry buddies. You can also add small step ladders to this toe kick pet center to enable your pets reach their food easily.

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2. Toe Kick Lighting

Who says that toe kick is also for storing things? It can be a decorative thing as well. You can add aesthetics touch to your room by making strip lighting at the underside of your base vanities or base cabinets.

The light shined from the base of the cabinet will create a fabulous nightlife vibe. One of the examples on how to execute such décor is to choose contemporary pulls color of and plain look of the front cabinets. This will suit house woodwork best!

Under cabinet toe kick lighting for contemporary modern kitchen design

3. Toe Kick Drawers for Your Bathroom

If you really want to make most of every inch of storage space in your bathroom, try toe-kick drawers. This drawer will turn that empty space into ad additional storage space that you may need.

This drawer storage will be a perfect place for less frequently used items such as the backup stash of paper rolls.

Furthermore, this additional storage space will secure your bathroom supplies from getting wet, while keep them out of sight but still within reach.

Bathroom vanities toe kick drawer

4. Toe Kicks Storage for Your Cooking Hardware

If you love to cook, you must have known how important it is to have those cooking appliances to be within your reach.

However, the number of the appliances is just too many and your cabinets cannot afford storing all of them. But, worry not! Let the toe kick of your kitchen cabinets do their job.

Turn the toe kicks of your kitchen cabinets into cooking station hardware. To do it, you need to maximize your cabinets’ layout and voila! You have more cooking tools that are accessible.

Kitchen toe kick storage base cabinets

5. Toe Kicks for Your Wine Storage

Don’t have enough space to store your wine? Worry not! Turn one of toe kicks at your home to be a toe-kick drawer for storing wine.

This’ going to be a perfect place for wine as it’s handy for horizontal wine storage. Toe kick is now where your wine belongs.

Toe Kick Wine Storage

In conclusion, you should not neglect your toe kicks at your home. Making most of it will enable you to have more storage for both you yourselves and your pets and for both home appliances and your beverage.

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