Bathroom Cabinets Paint Ideas

Bathroom Cabinets Paint Ideas

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Bathroom appearance should be supported by the furniture design inside. Bathroom cabinet is one that needs to be considered to make the user comfortable while using it.

How you paint your cabinet is an important thing that can affect the bathroom overall look.

If you need some suggestions, here are some great ideas for the paint.

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Black, White, or a Combination of Both for a Modern Touch

If you want to make a modern impression in the bathroom, black and white can be great alternatives to be applied. Black color adds darker shade in the bathroom and it can balance a too bright room.

Meanwhile, white adds brightness and clean atmosphere. It is perfect to balance a rather dark bathroom. The combination of both has been widely used by designers to deliver modern nuance.

You can have white wall and black cabinet. Add small white details on the cabinet. You can use the combination for other parts of the bathroom as well to make it consistent.

Wood Color for a Natural Atmosphere

A cozy natural atmosphere can also be carried in your bathroom. The use of wooden colored or patterned on the bathroom cabinets strongly supports this design.

The addition of countertops that use stone base material, such as quartz or marble, will further provide the convenience of the bathroom user.

Here is a simple tip for you in applying wood color for the bathroom cabinets. You may varnish the coating paint to make it shinier and looks more real.

Moreover, the use of varnish will make your bathroom cabinets more durable and free from termites.

Bright Color for a Cheerfulness

For a rather gloomy and uninspired bathroom, a little bit cheerfulness won’t hurt. Instead of playing too much on so many details, you can elevate the room value by finishing your bathroom cabinet with bright colors.

Reds, orange, blue, and other alternatives can be a great addition in the room.

The key of using bright colors is that you don’t goo excessively with it. Add enough bright colors, and you already got better atmosphere and value.

It will compliment dull neutral colors that go too much in the room, and it makes a pleasant focal point as well. Choose color that fits your existing atmosphere.

Tips for the Paint Type

It is advisable to use good quality paints. This is important to do because bathroom has high humidity and the furniture inside, especially bathroom cabinets, will often get exposed to water directly.

If necessary, varnish the bathroom cabinets after painting it so the appearance becomes more beautiful. Varnishing the cabinet greatly affects the bathroom cabinet durability too, so it is worth it.

Bathroom cabinets are often forgotten when it comes to refinishing. Meanwhile, it has the most strategic position while it carries fully functional role as well.

Those ideas of paint color above should inspire you to not only merely change the color, but how it affects your bathroom value, atmosphere, and balance. Consider your color selection and see what happens.

Bathroom Cabinets color Paint Ideas

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