L Shaped Bathroom Cabinets

L Shaped Bathroom Cabinets: 3 Best Ideas You Should Try!

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Unlike the common floor plan, L shaped bathroom can be a little tricky to plan. In addition to the entire other amenities, we have bathroom cabinet to fit in too.

Mostly, we don’t know the best place for the cabinets, and what design should be appropriate to apply. We want the room yet we need the cabinet too.

Check out the following ideas for a little inspiration.


1. Wall Length Cabinet

Wall length cabinet is a good option for L shaped bathroom because it mostly has either short wall or long wall. You may put male or female sink along with the under-counter storage and long countertops.

In addition, it can be completed with wall length mirror for fully functional vanity. As a result, it will make your L shaped bathroom looks well furnished and elegant. Placing the cabinet in one line of wall makes sure you have traffic space while you have enough storage as well.

L shaped bathroom vanity cabinets

2. Pedestal Sink with Separate Cabinet

If you prefer not to fulfill the provided space with wall length cabinet, the pedestal sink with separate cabinet can be a good option. It allows you to put other fixtures on the provided space.

Pedestal sink basically consists of two parts which include the sink basin and the pedestal that is supported by the wall.

Then, to make it more interesting, complete it with separate vanity so you can store some stuff in there. In this case, you may decide how many vanities you want to have inside the bathroom.

If you prefer to have a simple yet well-beautifully decorated bathroom, it can be the best choice especially if you like the traditional style. You may have the vanity between the two pedestal sink to make it elegant after all.

Thus, the provided space of the L shaped bathroom will not be completed with vanities only but also another fixture and amenities if you want to.

3. Vessel Sink Cabinet

This idea of cabinet is different with the previous one but more or less the same with the wall length vanity. If you prefer on a better looking cabinet for your L shaped bathroom, this is a great alternative too.

Unlike the pedestal sink, this cabinet is combined with the vessel and it creates a vanity. It allows you to have compact design and full function for the sink and cabinet while it remains good looking as well.

Many of this vanity or cabinet are available on customized size. You can order one with an exact dimension in which you still have traffic space and enough room for other amenities. Being compact in design, you literally save some more spaces in the bathroom.

In alternative, you can choose one with minimalist cut in which you get slim dimension and full function at the same time. With this choice, it doesn’t matter where you put it.

So, if you have the L shaped bathroom, there are three ideas of cabinet that you can try. First, the wall length cabinet is perfect for those who want to fill the whole provided space with cabinet only. Then, the pedestal sink with separate vanity and vessel sink vanity let you fill the other space with other amenities. So which one do you like best?.

Brown L Shaped Bathroom Cabinets with large mirror

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