Front Porch Column Brackets

Front Porch Column Brackets

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Looking for something that can spice up your porch column? Stop yourself from total renovation; small decoration like a bracket could make things different.

It is obviously far more affordable than conducting a renovation. Hands up if you like the idea! Now it is time to learn a little bit more about this item.

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Bracket vs Corbel

Both items may come up together when you type their name on search engine. However, these two are not similar in and appearance. Its function, on the other hand, is similar. Both are made for decoration inside the room, outdoor and under the furniture.

Corbel is usually made from stone, wood, or brick. It looks like supporting the cornice with its thick appearance. You usually find this on a large building or under the kitchen table.

Bracket has slight different material base: wood, timber, or polyurethane. It could be found almost anywhere: window, porch, under the shelf, etc. Some creative people could even make a simple book end by using this bracket.

Standard Types of Bracket

Typically, the function of a bracket is to decorate the structure of a building. There are several decorative options to fill the space between the support and roof, creating an enchanting visual of the porch.

1. Post Face

This style fits to the house with flat and protruding top. After the installation, you will see a part of the bracket is holding the top.

Some styles of the post face are Kirby, Cupid Key, Ruffled Swan, Meredith, Bailey and Jasmine. If you prefer customized size, discuss it with the staff.

2. Victorian Style

As mentioned in its name, the Victorian bracket is copying the style of its era. Some give it a nickname Gingerbread due to the habit of using gingerbread as decoration at that period.

Thus, it created the beauty of scroll look on Victorian bracket. Some owners could even slip their name between the scrolls.

3. Fan Bracket

Just like how you read it, you will know it when you see it. The shape resembles a fan, with variations on the inner frame only.

Three most popular variations are Ball, Spool and Spindle fan brackets. People add it in the corner or the porch column, or sometimes in the middle of the porch, creating half circle.

Wooden Victorian Style Front Porch Column Brackets

Combined Brackets

A bracket in the corner of the porch is not enough for you? Then you could take a look at the other options. They combine the bracket with something charming.

1. Porch Spandrels

It has the look of a railing, but up hanging on the ceiling. Some prefer to install Spandrels in the center without fretwork.

If you have tall column, the bracket is installed under the Spandrels to shorten the gap from the floor. For those houses with narrow top, the Spandrels is installed next to the bracket.

2. Running Trim

The running trim connects columns. It has three basic shapes: rounded, edgy, and wavy. Two materials are available for this style: wood PVC and Polyurethane.

Bracket is the cheap option to decorate your front porch. Even if it is quite affordable, the final result is not shabby at all. Moreover, you have more than a dozen of bracket choices in the list. If you want, you could also switch your pattern each year. Go and find your style!.

White Artistic Victorian porch spandrels

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