Boy Room Ideas Small Spaces

How to Get Boy Room Ideas Small Spaces

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Just like everybody knows, children are always active. It is the stage where they move a lot, ask a lot of things, and often hurt themselves while playing.

Thus, many said that the ideal space for small boys require big space. A house with small rooms won’t accommodate the active play day. Is it really that bad?

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1. Keep Neutral Color

The most common mistake while decorating small room ideas is stuffing the whole space with colors. The idea behind this careless move is the fact that kids love colors.

Even though the statement is correct, the parents or house owners should also think about the proportion of the room. A lot of color on the walls will make the space looks smaller.

Therefore, the best option for limited space is applying neutral color. To provide the mark pf “boys room”, some colorful toys and decorations could be added. Start from the favorite cartoon or movie character for the curtain.

Some action figures are also great display on the table. Put more colors with the bed cover and the blanket. Even with plain colors, the kids will bring in toys with vibrant tone.

Neutral Color for Boy Room Ideas Small Spaces

2. Give More Room To Play

Aside from the color, another thing that could make the space wider or tighter is furniture. Since it is the bedroom, then the biggest hurdle is the bed itself. It should be big enough for the kids to sleep but not cutting too many spaces for the kids to play. There are two available options for parents, each of them with its own consequences.

For those who decorate limited space with limited budget, the best option is putting the big bed that will fit until the kids grow up. However, this decision might cut the playing area on the floor. To make the room look bigger, avoid using rug or carpet.

The second option is buying small bed and give more room to run in the room. This choice might cost a lot, since the bed should be changed once the children is older.

Blue Boy room ideas for small spaces

3. Stick Wallpaper On One Side Only

Not all people love the simple concept. In some cases, the parents want something bold on the room. Even though it fits more to big room, some tricks could be applied to the limited space bedroom.

If the parents or house owners are planning to use wallpaper, then make sure to elaborate the whole room. The house owners will have limited options if it is installed on a painted wall.

Choosing wallpaper for the bedroom is fun for the children. Ask them to come along when it is time to buy the wallpaper. To make the room aesthetically pleasing for the eyes, the parents could pair the wallpaper with natural color. If possible, avoid applying dominant color from the decoration on the wall. Generally, white or gray is the safe choice.

Baby boy room ideas for small spaces

4. Think About The Room Shape

Many samples of room decoration ideas are using normal room with block style. For the house with limited space, any room must serve a purpose, even for the ceiling bed room. Considering the wide space for playing around, ceiling bedroom is not a bad idea.

The challenge for boys room is choosing the furniture. Most of them will be short or squishy. The use of tables and chairs are minimum. Don’t forget that the wardrobe requires the highest corner.

For a room with younger boys, try to pick the furniture with rounded corner. It will prevent any accident, or at least reducing the effect on the skin. For the rug, pick the one with short or medium thread. Later after the playtime, it will be easier to clean them and take shorter time to dry.

House designer has different preference when it come to the ceiling. Some of them make it short, but the others make the ceiling high enough. In this second option, the house owners could make extra adjustment. It is not about adding even more wall decoration. If possible, make a window on the wall.

Boy room space ideas for small spaces

5. Put One For All Furniture

Keep in mind that limited space room doesn’t have the luxury of putting one purpose item. In the end, the room will be packed with stuffs. The house owners cannot remove it, since they need it for later use.

If the item stays in the room, then there is no space to put the other things. Fortunately, there are ways solve the problems; pick the furniture that could be folded or used for many purposes.

While dealing with kids, they don’t need to hang a lot of clothes. Thus, a half drawer and half hanger wardrobe is a smart option. Now try to apply similar concept to the chair. Pick one that could be used by kids to do their homework but tall enough for mother to sit. Next, find another furniture that could serve at least two function in the bedroom.

Smart toy storage for boys room for small space

6. Pick A Theme

Writing a list of bedroom furniture is easy. The hard part is matching them. This is a trick to make things work: applying a theme for the boys. Some popular look for them are nautical, stripes and world map.

A nautical theme corporates blue and white. To make it livelier, add some buoy and rope wall decoration. Some ship stickers will also be great. Stick it above the wave for realistic effect.

Stripe theme basically combines two colors at the minimum. For bedroom, it is okay to pick up to three colors. More than three and the room will be too dull. The color could be taken from one spectrum or contrastive sides.

As for the world map, the parents basically cover the whole wall with world map pictures. Since it might not last long, painting is also a great solution. Just make sure that the world map could be seen clearly.

For a kid, bedroom is not just a place to sleep. It is quite challenging to prepare a multi-functioned room, especially in small space. Thankfully, if the house owners pick the right items, the children could still play happily even in small room. Good luck!

How to Get Boy Room Ideas for Small Spaces

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