How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally

Natural Home Hacks to Get Rid of Ants

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Seeing ants crawling in many places in your home is absolutely annoying and disturbing.

It gets even worse when those animals start to interfere you favorite food and beverage on your dining table.

If that’s what happens to you, you need home hacks to get rids of ants. Here are some natural home hacks you could try:

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1. Powdered Sugar and Baking Soda

Powdered sugar and baking soda are not only for making bread or other food products. They are also good natural remedies for getting rid of ants in your home. You can lure ants using baking soda in particular toxic quantities.

To make it even more toxic to ants, mix the baking soda with powdered sugar and also some drops of essential oil. The kinds of essential oil that can be used here is up to you. You can use your favorite one.

Baking soda is so powerful to cure this ants issue as it can interfere ants’ digestive ability and thus cause the ants to explode and finally perish. To kill the ants, you need to put the mixture of those three in the ants nest’s entry points. Once you put it there, wait for the baking soda to do its magic. This home remedy is easy but impactful!

2. Vinegar

Another effective and impactful natural remedy for getting rid of ants is vinegar. To repel the annoying ants, you need to mix certain amount so vinegar and water. The vinegar itself can be apple or white cider. Once you mix the solution, you could spray it to the ant hills around your home for example the ones in the garden.

If you see the ants nest inside your home, find the entry paths of the ants nest. Find the entry paths on counter tops, windows, and sink. Vinegar with its strong scent can make those ants get rid of the places sprayed with it.

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3. Boric Acid

Running out of vinegar? Worry not! You can use boric acid that can also be toxic to those disturbing ants. Boric acid can be very toxic when it is ingested. Boric acid is suitable to be used in both garden and inside the home.

To get the best solution of getting rid of ants, you need to mix the boric acid with maple syrup, sugar or honey, and also peanut butter to make bait for the ants. When the ants are approaching the mixture, they will ingest the mixture using glee and they may take some of it for their colony.

Finally, that mixture will be the poison for the ants’ system. The mixture will also wipe out the ants’ entire clan just in one night.

4. Lemon Juice

Another natural remedy to get rid of ants is lemon juice. While lemon juice itself is one of favorite beverages for most of us, it is also an effective solution to get rid of the ants in your home. The citrusy scent of the fruit is a good solution to deter ants. Meanwhile, the acidic nature of lemon will mask the markings of natural scent the ants use to navigate the way to the ants’ surrounding.

To use lemon juice to get rid of ants, you will need cotton balls and essential oil. First, soak the cotton balls in the lemon essential oil. Then leave the mixture on thresholds, windowsills, cabinets, and other spots in your house that are likely to be the ants’ nest and that the ants are likely to be.

5. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Ants usually swarm garden party, family picnic, BBQ party in the backyard or whatever it is that contains food they can lend their legs on. Therefore, cleaning up what is bringing those ants into the place you are holding party is such a half winning battle.

Meanwhile, another half winning battle will involve the diatomaceous earth.  Diatomaceous earth is a natural repellent for ants working in human-friendly and non-toxic ways. This way is great to disrupt the ant trails and also to prevent other ant problems.

What is even greater about using this diatomaceous earth is that it can be used without bringing any contamination to your edibles and ornamentals. Simply put, dust the anthills and the plants using diatomaceous earth to get rid of the ants for now and the future.

6. Cucumber Peel

Cucumber is usually one of the common things we can often have in our kitchen. We use cucumber a lot in many dishes. Do you know that cucumber can also be a great solution to ant issues in your home? You can use cucumber to get rid of ants in your garden. Here is how:

Ants are animals that are averse naturally to the cucumber taste. However, not all cucumbers can do great to solving this ant issue.  The best kind of cucumber is the ones with bitter taste. Yet, you can also rely on the normal cucumbers if getting bitter tasting cucumber is difficult.

This natural remedy for getting rid of ants is actually effective but it comes with a downside. The one and only downside is that you need to replace the peels of the cucumber every day. You also need to continue doing the procedure until the ants disappear.

7. Cayenne Pepper

The last natural remedy to get rid of ants in your home is cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper has pungent and strong odor that can destroy the ants’ signals that they usually use to communicate with other ants to go toward the nest. With the absence of the right signal, the ants will fail to move toward their home and thus to survive.

To use this natural remedy, you can sprinkle the cayenne pepper in the exposed parts. This will be a great idea to drive away those disturbing ants. Another way to sue cayenne pepper is to mix enough parts of cayenne pepper and turmeric powder to create even more powerful barrier for those ants.

To solve the issues of ants in your home doesn’t necessarily mean you need to purchase some chemical medicine. You can occupy those natural remedies to solve the issues. Choose the one that is the easiest to find and get rid of those ants!

Natural Home Hacks to Get Rid of Ants

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