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How to Choose Bamboo Porch Curtains

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Among all type of curtains, bamboo is one of the types that mostly used. There are many reasons why people like to use bamboo as their curtains. The reasons are also different from one family to another.

However, from all those reasons, there are some things you need to consider before you choose bamboo curtains for your porch. Here are the things:

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1. Privacy

The first and maybe the most important reason why people like to use curtain is about the privacy. Especially with bamboo, you will get more privacy. Applying roll up bamboo curtains in your porch will offer you the next level of privacy.

It will lie flat on each side of your porch and you can easily fold it up if you want to add more light to your porch. Besides its privacy, applying roll up bamboo curtains is also a good way to add tropical style to your porch.

2. Perfect Placement

The design or concept of your porch will absolutely influence the placing of the curtains. Different design will require different way of installation.

Therefore, look for some similar things among all designs. The things that will always appear in all porches are windows. Place any bamboo curtains that will work well on the small paned windows.

Roll up bamboo curtains is also a great option especially for small paned windows. Make sure you already measure your windows before you go to buy any bamboo curtains and get the right size.

Bamboo outdoor curtains

3. The Amount of Light

One of advantages of using bamboo curtains is that you can control the light portion on your porch. Most of all bamboo curtains allow you to control the light.

If you want to control more amount of the light that is filtered, use bamboo blinds. This kind of curtain will offer you ant treatments that feature slatted bamboo panels. Apply any bamboo blinds if you want to have more control of the amount of light on your porch.

4. Match with Your Décor

The next thing that you need to consider before choosing the bamboo curtains is the color. Try to pick the color that will work with your décor.

There are many styles of bamboo curtains that you can choose like natural color of dry bamboo, honey-colored hues, parchment, mahogany, traditional light brown and many others. Don’t forget to look at your décor first before you decide to choose any styles of them.

5. Considering Outdoor

The last thing that you may consider is the outdoor. Apply any outdoor bamboo blinds to spruce up your porch. Make sure that you choose any curtains that are non-rusting metal parts, because it will be durable when installed outside.

Before hanging the bamboo curtains, you also need to consider your climate since it’s a natural fiber that won’t hold up well on exposed rain.

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Even people like to use bamboo as the main material of their curtains, now you know that you just can’t choose or buy any bamboo curtains without any consideration. Make sure you already think about those things above before deciding to choose your bamboo curtain for porch.

Bamboo patio door curtains

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