Roll Up Porch Curtains Vinyl

How to Install Roll Up Porch Curtains Vinyl

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For the sake of enjoying the view around their house, people like to use vinyl curtains for their porch compared with other curtains materials.

Especially for the roll up model, it gives flexibility whenever you want to use it or not.

Hence, these are some steps you can do to install roll up porch vinyl curtains in case you are interested.

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1. Choose the Hanging Spot

It’s the one thing you need to decide before doing the whole project. Chose the spot that ease you to install it or the spot that makes the curtains works well.

It is recommended to hang the curtain on the roof between support pillars. Hang it outside your windows to keep your home interior protected.

2. Have Correct Measurement

After deciding where to hang the curtain, do the correct measurement to stuff. Vinyl curtains come in different sizes from 4 feet, 6 feet or 8 feet long.

Before you buy it, it will be better if you do the measurement to your porch first to ease you choose the correct size. You can also ask the manufacturers to cut down the size you want if you are not really sure about the measurement.

3. Use Necessary Hardware

The most important thing to note when you will have a DIY project is to make sure that you have the proper hardware. Prepare the proper hardware to help you install the curtains.

Use kit with mounting hardware when you will purchase the roll up curtains. Mark the hanging location first if the curtains include any aluminum head rail, and then place it at the distance between the ends of the head rail.

Mark and measure that hanging location at the ends of head rail distance. Level it before you secure at the second end and attach the rail with any supplied screws.

Test the retraction and the unrolling of the roll up curtains by releasing the pull cords.

Vinyl curtains for porch

4. Install Support Hooks

Before installing the support hooks, measure each outer bracket from all edges and then measure each bracket from the center. Use any pencil or pen to mark the measurements on the horizontal support.

Check whether the three location spots are in perfect in horizontal row or not using carpenter’s level. Screw in and insert the support hooks at the location of each bracket.

5. Hang the Roll Up Curtains

Finally the last step is of course hanging your vinyl curtains. Some curtains do not directly work when the first time installed.

Therefore, you need to find the pull cords of the roll up curtains. Straighten the pull cords to make them able to run vertically and across the curtains.

Pull the correct string down of the vertical cord to watch the curtain unroll. Do it again to check the correct rewind.

Installing vinyl curtains is not that complicated once you understand the steps and have the proper hardware. Protect your porch and all home interior from any UV radiation by installing proper vinyl curtains.

Clear vinyl porch curtains

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