Screen Porch Weather Curtains

Screen Porch Weather Curtains Types and Consideration

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What to do next after you have finished the porch project? While enjoying the pleasure of breeze in the autumn, you might also realize that soon, the seasons will change.

You will need curtain to help you enjoy all seasons from your porch. Learn more about the options available for you.

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1. Fabric

In selecting this curtain type, you need to consider the breathing ability, UV resistance, water resistance, and colorfastness. For summer, you might need a curtain that could let the air pass freely.

In this case, you need fabric with high breathing ability. Those with low breathing ability will block the air, make the curtain damp, and later allow mold and mildew to grow.

On the other hand, your screen porch needs a pairing with high water resistant in rainy season. This will be back side of breathing ability.

High breathing ability means low water resistant, and vice versa. Outdoor also automatically calls for sunlight and heat. Therefore, you may consider to have curtain with UV resistance, which will stand longer under sun light.

Since people love fabric curtain because of its color and pattern, check again its colorfastness. It defines how long a fabric could keep its bright color under the snow, rain and sun. The higher the rating, the better.

Screen Porch Weather fabric Curtains

2. Vinyl

If you appreciate the view from your screen porch, then keep it that way. Vinyl curtain might be the best choice for you. Don’t worry about the custom size of your porch.

Many curtain services would be happy to cut the vinyl based on the size of your porch. In fact, you could also install the vinyl curtain by yourself just within five to six hours.

No special skill needed: you are ready to go with the bravery to climb a ladder and the experience with drills. Keep your style on with the various choice of apron colors. You can blend it to the porch furniture and interior.

When it is time to install the curtain, the staff might offer you two kind of mounting: velcro mount (fixed) and track mount (retractable). The velcro mount will make use of marine snap and L screws. Most costumers choose this mounting over the track mount.

Vinyl Screen Porch Weather Curtains

3. Mosquito Net

Aside from the season, another thing that may bother your cozy afternoon is the tiny bloodsuckers. Block their way to your skin by using the mosquito net.

There are two types of it: the curtain type or the screen one. The curtain works like standard curtain.

So whenever you need to install it, you just take the net to the sides. The screen, however, is more elegant. It could be installed with overhead tracking system or a Velcro.

Every time you need the protection, pull it down. Press the button to fold it up when the weather is nice. No need to worry about the quality: it can hold up an adult, so the durability is guaranteed.

Choosing the right curtain is simple, as long as you know what to expect out of your patio. Make your priority first; whether you want the beauty, practicality or durability.

Then plan the final picture in your mind; what color or pattern that would blend to your porch interior. Happy planning and decorating!.

Mosquito Screen Porch Weather Curtains

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